We believe that family homelessness needs a community response. We are made up of host and support congregations and other community agencies.

Host Congregations

First Baptist Church, Laurens

First Baptist Church, Clinton

First United Methodist Church, Laurens

Broad Street United Methodist Church, Clinton

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Clinton

Centerpoint Wesleyan Church, Laurens

Todd Memorial Presbyterian Church, Laurens

Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, Laurens

White Plains Baptist Church, Laurens

Davidson Street Baptist Church, CLinton

CHestnut Ridge Baptist Church, Laurens

Support Congregations

Saint James United Methodist Church, Laurens

Friendship AME Church, Clinton

Lanford Baptist Church

Northside Baptist Church, Laurens

Rocky Springs Baptist Church, Laurens

Heritage Fellowship, Clinton

Hopewell Baptist Church, Laurens

First Presbyterian Church, Laurens

First Presbyterian Church, Clinton

First Baptist Church, Mountville

Hickory Tavern Church of God

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Lydia Presbyterian Church

Community Partners

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